Discipleship Training

Adult Discipleship Training
Old Testament Overview Class
“How to eat an elephant!
The Old Testament one bite at a time.
Breaking it down into understandable parts.”
Beginning Sunday, March 4
5:15 p.m. in Room B-106
Larry Miller - Teacher
Basic outline and subject matter.
This class will help you understand the Old Testament to give you the
“Big Picture” of God’s Plan. As you read and study the individual stories
then you will realize the bigger purpose behind the story. Seeing the big
picture will give you a “Frame Work” of knowledge that will be a foundation
for further study and understanding.
This Frame Work will consist of:
  1. The study of the land in which the stories unfold.
  2. A study of the Seven Major Movements of the people God used in fulfilling His purpose. And the reasons for these movements. To know the main people and people groups God used to fulfill
  3. His purpose.
  4. Understand the Books of the Prophets and where each tie into the Big Picture.
  5. Understand the order of the Old Testament, this will help you recognize the continuous story line. Understand that eleven books of the Old Testament contain 95% of the Old Testament narrative.
  6. Understand the Major Events in the ongoing story line.
  7. Three major book groupings in the Old Testament mentioned in the New Testament.
  8. Three major groupings according to content.
  9. To see how the ongoing stories in the Old Testament is God’s way of revealing Himself to a fallen and sinful world.
The Study Guide, “The Old Testament Made Simple,” by Melton Short
will be used. Workbook cost $10.00. Contact Larry Miller at 256-710-
3966 for more information.