♦ The betrayal of my husband was crippling.
I felt as if I was dying inside. I screamed and cried to the Lord to
help me. As I sat down with sisters in Christ, they ministered to
me, giving me God’s Word and taking me through the Beatitude
Process. I felt as if I was in spiritual intensive careand slowly began to improve.
Each day I was resuscitated by His mighty Word through their
guidance and prayers. The Lord was literally breathing His Word
into my soul. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
I knew I had to survive for my children and grandchildren.
Today, I am better than ever. I want to reach the point
where I can help others going through the same thing I did.
I don’t want anyone to be in that pain and not be helped.

♦ I was in despair with little hope. Slowly as I worked through
the Beatitudes, I began to see things from God’s point of view.
I gained a new perspective on life. I learned of
His sovereignty and power and how to keep my eyes on Him,
not my circumstances. I felt like a thousand pounds
had been lifted off my shoulders as I cleared my conscience.
My marriage was saved and God “restored the years the locusts
had eaten” in my children’s lives.