Children's Ministry Survey


Children's Ministry Survey
1. Please select all that apply.*

2. Please choose the option that best describes your children’s typical involvement in SUNDAY MORNING children’s programs.*

3. Please choose the options that best describes your children’s typical involvement in WEDNESDAY and/or SUNDAY EVENING children’s programs. *

4. What are the TWO most important things that you want your children to walk away with from our children’s ministry?*

Please select 2

5. In your view, what are the THREE greatest benefits our children’s ministry offers?*

Please select 3.

6. How important would you say the children’s ministry is to your kids’ day-to-day lives?*

7. Which form of communication do you prefer in regards to children’s ministry information?*

8. Do you feel like you have a clear understanding of the curriculum we are currently using?

9. Do you utilize the take home curriculum with your children? *

10. How do you feel our children’s ministry is doing in terms of providing resources to our parents on how to best disciple their children at home?*

11. Do you feel like our volunteer staff is adequately trained for their leadership roles and responsibilities?

12. Do you feel well informed about current and upcoming events in our children’s ministry?

13. As a parent, I see my role in the spiritual formation of my child as being:

14. Do you feel comfortable leading your child to Christ?

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