Woodmont Academy of Fine Arts


Private lessons: $80 , 4- 1/2 hour lessons per month
Group classes : $60 - 4- 45 minute lessons per month

                    ART                      6 to 12 Years    
                                 CELLO                    postpones due to Covid
                                 DANCE                    postpones due to Covid
        FLUTE                    10 - ADULT
        GUITAR                    9 - ADULT
        PIANO                      8 - ADULT
        VIOLIN                     6 -  ADULT
           VOCAL                    12 - ADULT    
Thank you for your interest in Woodmont Academy of Fine Arts. It is our hope and prayer that we will be able to serve you and your family by providing quality and wholesome instruction in the arts. New private students are accepted at the beginning of each month in piano, voice, guitar, violin, flute, & art classes.


Contact WAFA

Click HERE for a printable enrollment application 

For more info, call 317-549-5462 (leave voicemail or text message), or send an e-mail to 

Click HERE for a printable copy of the WAFA Student Guidelines


1) ENROLLMENT INFORMATION (See printable application above.)



*Teachers are not permitted to begin teaching any student who has not completed the full enrollment process.



are available in piano, voice, flute, guitar, violin. Monthly cost for private instruction is $80 per month 4 half-hour lessons. Lesson times are scheduled upon registration at a mutually agreeable time between instructor and student. Instruction in other instruments may be available.

When your registration form is received AND you have paid your registration fee and first month's tuition, your name will be given to one of our instructors who will contact you within two days for scheduling.



All classes are offered on a “demand basis” and must have a minimum of 5 students.




Children’s Art Classes, Grades 1-6

Description: This class will teach the basic elements and principles of art and explore many different types of media through age appropriate projects. Students will also gain some art appreciation as they look at famous artists and their work. There is a supply fee of $25. Private instruction is available for $80 per month.

Instructor: Pam Wright

Meeting time: Grades 1-2 Wednesday 3:30-4:15 p.m.; Grades 3-6 Tuesday 3:30-4:15 p.m.

Monthly Cost: $60

If you have any questions, please contact me at 317-549-5462 (leave voicemail or text message) or email:

Enriching life through the arts, 

Sandra Vetters, Administrator



WAFA Faculty

Art: Wright
Flute: Smith
Guitar: Allison, Miller
Percussion: G.Taylor
Piano: Emmons, Johnson, Parson, Allison, Lightsey, Foster
Saxophone: Allison
Violin: Velasquez, Parson, C. Taylor
Certified Suzuki Class: Velasquez
Vocal: Allison, C.Taylor, Emmons, Foster

If you are interested in teaching at WAFA, click HERE for a printable employment application.


WAFA Fees:   

Registration fee: $20 (non-refundable--*see note below)

Private lessons: $80 per month (30 min.)

Children’s Art class: $60 per month (60 min. class) 

*All enrolling students will pay a $20 initial registration fee. Students discontinuing lessons for six weeks or longer will need to re-enroll and pay a returning fee of $10. 


*Family Discount: The registration fee decreases by $5 for every member of the same immediate family, but with a $10 minimum. (Example: 1st family member, $20; 2nd member, $15; all other members, $10)

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