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Alabama Children's Home

Posted by Ryan Leffel on

This Sunday during our morning worship gathering we will highlight the work of the Alabama Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries. There are approximately 6,000 children in Foster Care in Alabama. Alabama Children's Homes & Family Ministries exist to protect, nurture, and restore...

Hess's Headlines 6.8.22

Posted by Chad Hess on

Dear Church,             Over the past months, Woodmont has had a search team striving to fill the Singles Minister role. The search team has met diligently together, and I am incredibly proud of each of the members of the team. The team...

Hess's Headlines 6.1.22

Posted by Chad Hess on

Dear Church,   Reading through the prophets is like reading the tragedies of Shakespeare. On one hand you see this beautiful love story that paints a descriptive picture of how much one groom could love his bride. On the other hand, you experience the tragedy of that love as the bride...

Lessons From the Long Run

Posted by Hope Murphy on

Lessons from the long run   I have been training to run a marathon this semester. Race day for me is this Saturday, my 30th birthday. I know that if the Lord allows me to finish this race I will frame my race bib with the phrase “By the grace of God I can do hard things.” I...

How to Study the Bible Effectively

Posted by Jarod Grimes on

When I was asked to be the Interim Student Pastor at Woodmont in 2015, all I had was a New American Standard Study Bible and a set of Warren Wiersbe commentaries that Chad bought me before he left. I had no clue how to prepare a sermon, speak, or really study the Bible effectively. Not the most...

Hess's Headlines April 2022

Posted by on

“While he was with them, he commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for the Father’s promise.” Acts 1:4 Dear Church,   Waiting is hard. After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to many people for forty days. The Bible tells us that he instructed his followers...

He is Risen

Posted by Hope Murphy on

He is risen!   Did you say it? Did you? You know, did you say, “He is risen indeed!”? I love hearing young children enter on Resurrection Sunday every year and their parents have told them they can expect to hear it. You’ll hear excited extroverted kids just wiggling...

Our Need for Christ

Posted by Jarod Grimes on

With the way the world is trending today, I decided it was a critical time to be reminded of the fall of man and our great need for Christ. Human beings were God’s ultimate creation, and He put them in a perfect place, but Genesis states that man sinned and ultimately needed a savior to...

Hess's Headlines March 2022

Posted by Chad Hess on

…And be thankful. Colossians 3:15b   “Thank you!” Those words seem too small to adequately communicate my thankfulness to Woodmont Baptist Church for allowing me to serve for the last five years as senior pastor. This church has been so gracious to me. As I look back...

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