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40 Days of Prayer

Posted by Chad Hess on

1/6/2019 Live Out Adoption: Thanksgiving for His Adoption (Rom. 8)
1/7/2019 Live Out Adoption: Submissively Surrender to the Father (Gal. 2:20)
1/8/2019 Live Out Adoption: Sacrficially Surrender to the Father (Rom. 12:1)
1/9/2019 Live Out Adoption: Certainly Surrender to the Father (1 John 5:13)
1/10/2019 Live Out Adoption: Thank Him for His Provision (Matt. 7:11)
1/11/2019 Live Out Adoption: Thank Him for His Shelter (Ps. 46)
1/12/2019 Live Out Adoption: Thank Him for His Protection (Ps. 47)
1/13/2019 Holy Love: Thanksgiving for the Holiness of God (Isaiah 6:3)
1/14/2019 Holy Love: Thanksgiving for the Love of God (1 Jn. 4:9)
1/15/2019 Holy Love: Repent and Confess of Hidden Willful Sins (Ps. 25:18)
1/16/2019 Holy Love: Celebrate God's Grace in Forgiveness (Rom. 8:1)
1/17/2019 Holy Love: Pray for Accountability (James 5:16)
1/18/2019 Holy Love: Thanksgiving for Christ'sRighteousness (2 Cor. 5:21)
1/19/2019 Holy Love: Pray for Boldness to Share the Gospel (Rom. 1:16)
1/20/2019 The Faithful: Praise God for His Faithfulness (2 Thess. 3:3)
1/21/2019 The Faithful: Ask the Lord, that by His grace, you would be faithful (1 Cor. 4:2)
1/22/2019 The Faithful: Pray for Your Friends (Prov. 27:6)
1/23/2019 The Faithful: Pray for the Staff/Future Staff at WBC (1 Thess. 5:12-13)
1/24/2019 The Faithful: Thank God for faithful deacons, teachers, leaders at WBC (Gal. 6:6)
1/25/2019 The Faithful: Pray that Christ would be WBCs Confidence and Cornerstone (Eph. 2:20)
1/26/2019 The Faithful: Praise God for a Heavenly Reward for the Faithful (Rev. 21)
1/27/2019 Refocus: Thanksgiving that the Gospel is for All People of the Earth (Matt. 28:18-20)
1/28/2019 Refocus: Ask the Lord for a Personal Mission Calling in 2019 (Mk. 16:15)
1/29/2019 Refocus: Ask the Lord to set your priorities (Matt. 6:33)
1/30/2019 Refocus: Rejoice in Redemption of the Father (Eph. 1:7)
1/31/2019 Refocus: Pray for the Wandering/Pray for the Proud (Luke 15:11-32)
2/1/2019 Refocus: Pray for the Mission Opportunites of WBC and CLBA (Acts 1:8)
2/2/2019 Refocus: Unity -- Keep Satan's Distractions Away (1 Peter 5:8)
2/3/2019 Known: Praise God for Your Identity in Him (Gal. 3:26)
2/4/2019 Known: Praise God for Life (Romans 6:11)
2/5/2019 Known: Praise God You Have Been Made a New Creation (2 Cor. 5:17)
2/6/2019 Known: Praise God for the Spiritual Fruit (Gal. 5)
2/7/2019 Known: Praise God for the Person who Introduced you to Christ (Phil. 1:3)
2/8/2019 Known: Praise God for you are Loved (John 3:16)
2/9/2019 Known: Praise God for you are secure (John 10:28-29)
10-Feb Sealed: Thank God for the Indwelling of Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:14-17)
11-Feb Sealed: Celebrate His Forgiveness; Forgive Others (Matt. 6:14-15)
12-Feb Sealed: Celebrate His Blessings; Be a blessing (Eph. 1:3)
13-Feb Sealed: Celebrate His Sacrifice; Sacrifice for others (Mark 10:45)
14-Feb Sealed: Celebrate Unity in Him; Help Preserve Unity (Eph. 4:1-3)


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