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This Sunday during our morning worship gathering we will highlight the work of the Alabama Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries. There are approximately 6,000 children in Foster Care in Alabama. Alabama Children's Homes & Family Ministries exist to protect, nurture, and restore these children through Christ-Centered services. You will have the opportunity to give a special offering solely for this ministry. Special envelopes will be in the pews, or you can give online through woodmontbaptist.org and designate your offering to the Alabama Baptist Children's Homes.
Several years ago, before we moved to Florence, God laid it on our hearts to adopt. We prayed and discussed this opportunity for a while before we ever took any action. Our first attempt was to adopt internationally through a Christian adoption agency. We invested much time and some money, but ultimately it did not work out. After moving to Florence and COVID we decided that domestic adoption with the agency might be best for us. However, this was not right for our family either. So, in the spring of 2021, we began foster care classes and were finally approved in the fall.
For the last four months, we have fostered a baby girl less than a year old. It has been a joy and a delight to provide a loving and safe home for her. When we first started talking about adoption it was overwhelming. With three kids, one being special needs how could we handle another child, especially one that was not our own. What kind of issues would the child bring? What kind of trauma would they have experienced? Fear and doubt set in quickly, but God reminded us that He was not asking us to save every child, just one.
Will you consider supporting the work of the Alabama Baptist Children's Homes? Will you consider foster care and adoption? Yes, millions of children around the world need a home. You cannot provide a home for all of them, but you can for one. That will be one more child that will experience a safe and loving home and have the opportunity to hear the gospel.
We all can pray. Here is a prayer guide from the Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes.
  • Monday - pray for the children in our care and their family situations.
  • Tuesday - pray for our house parents and foster families.
  • Wednesday - pray for our support staff: social workers, counselors, administration, and development teams.
  • Thursday - pray for our leadership: President/CEO, Chief Administrative Officer, Regional Chief Operations Officers, and Campus Directors.
  • Friday - pray for our board members as they provide overall direction and accountability for the Ministry.
  • Saturday - pray for those in our care who have not accepted Christ, and for spiritual growth in the ones who have.
  • Sunday - pray for our birth parents to know Christ personally if they don’t, to experience true life change
Ryan Leffel, Worship Pastor

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