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Unexpected Life

Posted by Belinda Green on

Life is full of unexpected blessings....answered prayers...."coincidental" situations....chance meetings....unexplained happenings....and lessons learned.   All this points us to Him and can cause us to wonder why. Don't you find it comforting to remember that we have a heavenly Father...

Singles Ministry a Mission Field

Posted by Belinda Green on

Over 26 years ago, the Singles Ministry was started at Woodmont and I believe the Lord has blessed it during all these years.   Below are some statistics that I came across: The population of Singles Adults in the U.S. is around 50.2% which is up dramatically...


Posted by Belinda Green on

I was looking out my kitchen window at the geraniums that had been so pretty when I first got them. No longer did they have the big pink and red blooms that once were so beautiful. I had watered them and tried to care for the, but slowly, the blooms died and no new ones took their place. All at...

Have you ever waded through a river in the jungle?

Posted by Belinda Green on

Sometimes, I think I can manage things on my own ….looks like I would have learned by now that relying on Him always, and in all things, is the best policy. Philippians 4:13 is a verse that I claim a lot just because I know that my strength definitely comes from Him. It is interesting how...

Unexpected Things

Posted by Belinda Green on

Sometimes we pray and we plan and think we have it all worked out....but then something unexpected happens. I thought I would be retiring from my position as Singles Minister by now. I didn't really have a deadline, but still my retirement had been announced to the church and plans were underway...

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