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Mark of Those Who Know Christ

Posted by Jarod Grimes on

MARKS OF THOSE WHO KNOW CHRIST   1.  We Serve by the Spirit of God When Paul uses the word WORSHIP, he isn't speaking simply of what we do on a Sunday morning gathering. He's speaking of "service" to God. He's talking about a life devoted to God and spiritual...

The Godly Example

Posted by Jarod Grimes on

THE GODLY EXAMPLE Read this text:Phil. 2:19-30 *The year was 2010...I was in Afghanistan and was about to watch the college football national championship featuring 2 of the hottest offenses in America. The Auburn Tigers and Oregon Ducks. Both had great years but so many people were drawn to...

Fellowship with God

Posted by Jarod Grimes on

What does it mean to have fellowship with God? Often times when we hear the word fellowship we think of having a meal together at the church. Fellowship has a much deeper meaning than that. Fellowship with God= A deep relationship with HimI want you to think about your best friend right now or...

Finding Joy in Christ

Posted by Jarod Grimes on

FINDING JOY IN CHRIST As we look at Paul's life throughout the New Testament we see that Paul finds himself in some bad situations and in harsh conditions. The one thing I always think to myself, is how in the world did he encourage others and say things like "count it all joy" when you face...

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