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Attributes of God

Posted by Ryan Leffel on

I am currently reading and studying through A. W. Tozer’s book, The Attributes of God Volume 1 A Journey Into the Father’s Heart. It is an overwhelming study because I quickly realized how much there is to know and how little I do know.   Do you remember as a child beginning...

The Crown

Posted by Ryan Leffel on

The Crown Kelly and I have watched each season of the Netflix series, “The Crown.” I’m sure like many of you we find it intriguing and entertaining. It’s about a life and culture that is foreign to nearly the entire world’s population. Last week we watched episode...


Posted by Ryan Leffel on

“Were it not for God’s promises we might well despair.” from Waiting on God by Andrew Murray The dictionary defines despair as “utter loss of hope,” “a cause of hopelessness,” or “to lose all hope or confidence.” As we look back over all...

Quarentine Life

Posted by Ryan Leffel on

When the quarantine began back in March, I have to admit that Kelly and I really enjoyed the first several weeks of doing nothing. It brought a calmness and slowness to life that never seemed possible. Now there were things we missed for sure, but the time to “stop and smell the...

Our Help 

Posted by Ryan Leffel on

Our Help  In January of 2010 Kelly and I welcomed our second son Harrison into the world. We had been told halfway through the pregnancy that Harrison was not growing as he should, but no one seemed overly concerned. On January 8, 2010 we arrived at the hospital for a scheduled C-Section...

Perfect Peace

Posted by Ryan Leffel on

Perfect Peace   In times of trouble, distress and grief we often turn to music for comfort and encouragement no matter our belief system. For thousands of years mankind has written lyrics and music to express beliefs and emotions that could not be expressed just in spoken word alone...

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