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Fellowship with God

Posted by Jarod Grimes on

What does it mean to have fellowship with God? Often times when we hear the word fellowship we think of having a meal together at the church. Fellowship has a much deeper meaning than that.

Fellowship with God= A deep relationship with Him
I want you to think about your best friend right now or the one you had growing up. When you have a close friendship with somebody it changes you. You care about that person. You would do anything for that person, they know your secrets, you love that person, and often times put that person's happiness above your own.

In 1 John 1:5-10, John shares with us how to know we have fellowship with God and what to do when we sin and cause that fellowship to have barriers (sin) in it.

1. How we are to live/ There is a change that takes place

Light- represents what is pure, good, true, holy, and reliable
Darkness- represents what is sinful & evil

To say that we are followers of Christ and then go out and live like the rest of the world is a lie John says in verse 5-7

-The reason John writes this is because there was a lie being told, the same lie we here in our world today, that you could have fellowship with God and continue to walk in your old sinful ways and not be bothered by it These two JD Greear quotes sum this up beautifully;

"You can't love God & love the things that grieve Him!"
"You can't have a mouth that sings praises to Jesus and live a life that openly crucifies Him"

It is not your mouth or what you say that best reflects your love for God, it is your life!

When you are saved everything about you begins to change!

#There will be a changed life, we will walk in the light

Now in verses 8-10 it John says look, you are going to mess up, if you say that you have no sin then you are deceiving yourself. But, "if you will confess your sin, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins".

2. He says we are going to sin/ Tells us what we need to do about it

A lot of the times the temptation is to try and hide sin or even justify it to ourselves

Stated belief+/- Actual practice= Actual Belief
Stated belief: Stealing is wrong;
Actual practice: Copy a friends HW to avoid bad grade.
Actual belief: Stealing is permissible under certain circumstances

SB: Lying is wrong
AP: Lied to my parents about where I was or what I was doing
AB: Lying is ok....to keep me out of trouble

SB: Foul language is wrong
AP: I curse when I get angry or in a game
AB: Foul language is only wrong around adults

#We say we believe what God's word says but then we try to justify sin in our life by not take responsibility for our own actions

2. We hold on to the guilt & shame of the sin and we fear bringing it before the Lord because we are so ashamed that we keep messing up.

-Satan wants us to hold on to it and loves for us to feel ashamed, that we will want to stay distant from the Lord

-He feeds us lies like "God is tired of you messing up and tired of forgiving you"

-God is our father and He loves us more than we can imagine
I have two small children at home that mess up daily and my wife and I have to correct them. A lot of times it is the same things we corrected the day before. Now I may get upset, but I've never said you know what...I'm done with you...you've messed up way too much. No, I forgive them because I love them and want to see them do good.

If I'm good to my kids, how much more will our Heavenly Father love and forgive us


-When we become believers ours sins are forgiven: Past, present, and future
-We confess our sins because sin puts a barrier between our fellowship w/ God
-Sin needs to be dealt w/ as soon as it happens
-Confessing our sin shows honesty/humility and shows that we are sorry and recognize our weakness
-We never get to a point to where we are so strong in our faith that we no longer sin (a lot of Christians are misled in thinking you get to this point)
-What happens is we get comfortable and no longer think we are in danger of falling into sin or think that the thing we once struggled with is no longer an issue.
-We need Jesus every second, minute, and hour of each day. If we try to go at it alone and isolate ourselves or handle stuff our own, then we are sure to fail.

#True confession means you commit to NOT continue in sin


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