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He is Risen

Posted by Hope Murphy on

He is risen!
Did you say it? Did you? You know, did you say, “He is risen indeed!”? I love hearing young children enter on Resurrection Sunday every year and their parents have told them they can expect to hear it. You’ll hear excited extroverted kids just wiggling waiting to hear you greet them with this traditional phrase. They just can’t wait to say it back. You’ll have to lean in to hear some anxious, reserved friends whisper back “He is risen indeed.”
We teach our children all sorts of things. Whether it’s word for word scripture, traditional ways Christians celebrate holidays, how to fold towels, wash dishes, throw a curve ball, or use their manners. Parents, teachers, the whole “village” of a community is constantly teaching the next generation.
We teach the lost world around us all sorts of things as well. What we prioritize, how we love one another and the world, what we post, how we spend our money. . . it is all teaching.
If we aren’t careful this week, we might find ourselves accidentally teaching what we do not mean to. Are we excited to gather for worship or to take a family picture? Are we so excited as a church family to share the Gospel with a crowd that we pray all week for an outreach event – or are we competing for best egg hunt? Is the matriarch more concerned about sweet potatoes, ham, and desserts or with the souls who don’t yet believe?
I truly believe there is half of a generation walking around unsure that they could really say with confidence “He is risen indeed.” In part, because of the half-hearted discipleship of those who parented, led, and taught them. In part, because they saw more of a show than living by faith. Maybe they heard more about the details or religion and less than they should’ve about the Word and the Lord. In whole because of schemes of the prowling enemy.
We sure hope you’ll join us this week as we do our best to center our focus on the cross. On Jesus’ sinless life, His death, and His resurrection. He is risen!
Hope Murphy

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