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Hess's Headlines April 2022

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“While he was with them, he commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for the Father’s promise.”
Acts 1:4
Dear Church,
Waiting is hard. After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to many people for forty days. The Bible tells us that he instructed his followers to wait in Jerusalem. Over 100 people gathered together in the upper room, what some people believe was a house that belonged to Mark’s mother. Can you imagine how hard it was to wait after seeing the resurrected Jesus? I am sure that many wanted to go back to their families, but they waited. I’m sure that many wanted to sleep in their own homes, but they waited. I’m sure that many wanted to see their children, but they waited. I’m sure that many wondered how they would make ends meet since they were missing work, but still, they waited. How quickly after Easter do things go back to normal for you? How fast do you slip back into your routines, your work, your day-to-day, or the concerns of this life? How fast do you forget the joy and celebration of Easter?
For these 120, they waited. Acts 1:14 explains, “they all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.” Wow, did you catch that? Not only was there a large crowd devoted to prayer, but they also joined with Mary, and Jesus’ brothers!!! This was the same brothers who thought Jesus was crazy and causing riots in Mark 3 and Mark 6. Now they are gathered in prayer waiting on what Jesus had promised! Sometimes, when we are waiting, we forget to look around at the testimonies of transformation that the Lord has put right in front of us. In your times of waiting, how much time are you devoting to prayer? How much time are you investing in those around you, learning their stories, and hearing how God changed their lives through Jesus Christ?
Here we are church! Acts 1 is a picture of encouragement for us. We are waiting. We are not waiting on the coming of the Holy Spirit, for all believers are filled with the Holy Spirit. We are waiting now for the second coming of Christ Jesus! While he came in humility of flesh, we are waiting for his coming in victory! While he came to suffer and be the sacrifice, now we are waiting for him to rescue us as Savior! While he came to redeem us through his blood, now we are waiting for our glorification in eternity! While he came to defeat sin and death through the resurrection, now we are waiting for him to defeat evil for all eternity, wipe every tear from our eyes, and remove all pain and suffering! As we wait, we gather. As we wait, we pray. As we wait, we praise the one who cancelled our debt. As we wait, we have work to do! I hope you had an incredible Easter! I hope you will gather with us Sunday as we worship the resurrected King who will come to claim his bride! Let’s be found like those in Acts 1, obediently waiting, praying, serving!
In Christ,
Pastor Chad Hess

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