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Hess's Headlines July 2022

Posted by Chad Hess on

Dear Church,
Jesus is being glorified this week through Vacation Bible School. On Monday a young man stopped me in the sanctuary and told me about his desire to follow Jesus and be baptized! In Tuesday’s car line a young boy told me about his recent salvation! Mrs. Hope told me that there are now 7 children on the list that have surrendered their life to Jesus over the past few weeks! There is a harvest! The workers have been present this week and look how God is blessing! The workers have been present for a long time. For the last 9 months there have been weekly Bible school leader meetings at the church every Monday. These meetings were filled with details, prayer, and recruiting leaders. Darrell and Judy Campbell have served the Lord in tremendous ways in preparation! On the Saturday before Bible school, I walked into the sanctuary to find Ken and Linda Carroll on ladders hanging decorations, stretching toile, and creating the atmosphere for VBS. Professor Spark has memorized lines, dressed in unique costumes, and entertained the kids while teaching the gospel truths. The goal: kids would hear about Jesus, sing about Jesus, and know Jesus! Thank you so much for your work, your sacrifice, and your willingness to experience “Bible School Tired!”
While the kids were experiencing Vacation Bible School on Monday, July 11, something else was happening on the other side of the world. In Italy an American tourist from Baltimore fell into Mount Vesuvius’ crater. Fortunately, the young man survived the fall suffering only bruises to his body. In a news report, police explained that the man had ignored numerous signs and warnings. The tourists pressed through on forbidden paths trespassing near the depths of the volcano’s center. The tourist dropped his phone and tried to retrieve it, thus leading to his near-death experience.
These two events seem unrelated, but they have a lot in common. The purpose of Vacation Bible School has been to share with children that there is a narrow path to follow that leads to life. There is another path, but it leads to destruction. The Bible School leaders share the warnings, signs, and dangers of the forbidden path. After hearing the news that there is a way that leads to life in Jesus, some will ignore all of the signs, warnings, and experience the fall. Many will be running after worldly things in an empty pursuit. Thankfully, the Lord is at work! Thankfully, the Lord is working through each of your prayers, service, and teaching. Thankfully, we have the greatest news in the world to share with these precious children! May God continue to bless our efforts! May God continue to rescue those from the forbidden path and place them on paths of righteousness for His namesake! May each child know that they are created, designed, and empowered by Almighty God! May each child hold in the heart the truth of Ephesians 2:10: “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do.”
In Christ,
Chad Hess

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