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Holy Week

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The daffodils and tulips are blooming! The red buds and dogwoods are showing their splendor once again! New lives are hatching and being born all around us! At last – my favorite season is here – SPRING! A long-awaited time when all of nature seems to burst forth in magnificent beauty.  It is a time when that which appears to be dead comes to life again. Not only are the warmth and beauty the reasons for my rejoicing; this is also the time of my favorite holiday – Easter! This week, Holy Week, once again we are reminded of the reason for our Faith and the basis for our Hope. Two days from now, our minds will focus on the cross – the wooden form on which Jesus gave His life in suffering and pain that we are not capable of fully grasping. But just as God created the dogwoods, oaks, maples and assortment of trees that are putting on their new green leaves and beautiful blooms, God created the tree from which the cross was made. This was no surprise to Him. As the song reminds us:


               Nothing took His life. With love He gave it.

               He was crucified on a tree that He created.

               With great love for man God stayed with His plan.

               And He grew the tree so that we might go free.

               He grew the tree that He knew would be

               Used to make the old rugged cross.


And then, four days from now – HALLELUJAH! HE AROSE! He was victorious over sin, death, and the grave. We will rejoice and celebrate as THIS is the essence of who we are as Christians.

And we will reflect on another time over 2000 years ago when One who appeared to be dead forever came to life again for eternity. Max Lucado summarizes this transaction in his book In the Grip of Grace:


               Ponder the achievement of God.

               He doesn’t condone our sin,

               nor does He compromise His standard.

               He doesn’t ignore our rebellion,

               nor does He relax his demands.

               Rather than dismiss our sin,

               He assumes our sin and incredibly sentences himself.

               God’s holiness is honored.

               Our sin is punished . . . and we are redeemed.

               God does what we cannot do so we can be

               what we dare not dream: perfect before God.


Happy Easter Woodmont Family and Friends!


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