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Singles Ministry a Mission Field

Posted by Belinda Green on

Over 26 years ago, the Singles Ministry was started at Woodmont and I believe the Lord has blessed it during all these years.
Below are some statistics that I came across:
  • The population of Singles Adults in the U.S. is around 50.2% which is up dramatically from 22% in 1950.
  • 15.76 million children live with a single mom. 3.23 million children live with a single dad.
Single Parents face many challenges in getting their children involved in church. Some of those are:
  • Working multiple jobs and not having time to attend
  •  Feeling that they don’t have the right clothes
  • The belief that they might not be welcome
The Woodmont family has always been very loving to Single adults and Single Parent families and very supportive of the Singles ministry as well. Singles Ministry is ever changing and evolving. It is a doorway for singles to come into a big church and find people with whom they can relate. They can also find a place to serve and to grow in their faith. We are all “family” and my life has been blessed by being part of Woodmont and by serving as the minister to Singles here. 
Some experts in the field believe that Single Parent families are the modern-day widows and orphans. This huge number represents a very real mission field and would be very important to any mission minded church. Many churches can be more focused on “traditional families” and therefore singles and single parent families can easily feel left out or even not welcome.
As a church who believes missions are very important, we might ask ourselves what more can be done to reach this mission field that is right in our own backyard.

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