1. John tells us that God is light. In Exodus 13:17-22, God leads Israel as a pillar of fire. In John 8:12-20, Jesus is revealed as the light of the world. In your own words, how does Christ being the light of the world impact your daily life? How does this fulfill Matthew 5:14-16?

2. How can Naaman’s attitude in 2 Kings 5 reflect our initial rejection to God’s instruction/invitation in our Christian walk? How can the account of Naaman be used to share the gospel to people today? (Specifically that Christ is the only way to salvation and that though you may not see Jesus, we must still be obedient to his instruction).

3. In your relationship to Christ and your attitude of gratitude, would you be described as more like the nine ungrateful lepers healed or the one that returned in appreciation? How would those closest to you describe your attitude of gratitude?

4. How can gratitude conquer attitudes of pessimism, victim-mentalities, and/or bitterness?

5. How can you extend the forgiveness given to you to those around you?

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