1. Have you ever felt like you were not being defended by a loved one or personal friend? Have you ever felt the need to defend someone publicly even though it was not popular?

2. How can the words that John writes in 1 John 1 motivate us to live holy and pure lives? How can 1 John 2:1-6 reveal the victory spoken of in 1 John 5:13?

3. How is Satan’s role as the accuser defeated if Christ is advocating and defending us based on His atoning work on the cross and in His resurrection? How does this lead to your freedom from guilt and shame? How does this motivate loving surrender to the Lord?

4. How has Christ’s atoning work given us the testimony like Lazarus in John 11?

5. Can you point to the transformation of Christ in your life like Paul writes in Philippians 3? What do you now count as rubbish for the surpassing knowledge of Christ?

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