“Table Talk” Discussion Questions (Acts 19:21-41)

1. What is the biggest crowd you have ever been a part of? What was the purpose of the gathering? Explain the attitudes of the crowd (positive, negative, hostile, vulgar, wonderful, etc.). Explain a time in your life when you were the uncomfortable center of attention or object of hostility from a crowd.

2. The Ephesian silversmith, Demetrius, saw the impact the Gospel
would have in Ephesus if people believed in Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation. In today’s world, how does the Gospel have a counter-cultural impact in the economy? Society? Religious pluralism?

3. One of the false gods in Ephesus was named Artemis. While our
idols may be more subtle, what types of idolatry do we have in our
modern culture in the Shoals? In America? Around the world? Do
you think it is more difficult to counter the idols today because idolatry is more subtle?

4. When Paul’s companions were seized and taken to the theater, Paul was restrained from going and speaking to the crowd in the theater. In your opinion, why did the followers of Jesus keep Paul from the theater?

5. Read Acts 19:32-41. The crowd was in great confusion and had little purpose or unity. Compare and contrast the motives and organization of the crowd at the theater with the apostle Paul and his companions. From this text, how should the church be encouraged in our work? How should the church be warned?

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