“Table Talk” Discussion Questions (Acts 23:12-24:27)

1. Who in your family (or church family) has sought to protect you the most? Who in your family (or church family) has helped you in desperate times?

2. Explain the relationship between God’s sovereignty and human responsibility in Acts 23:11 and Acts 23:16-22. Explain how God comforted Paul in Acts 23:11 and how Paul’s nephew was obedient and used in God’s plan in Acts 23:16-22. In your walk with Christ, how have you been obedient and available in His service in the past week? Month? Year?

3. Tertullus, the lawyer/orator on behalf of Ananias, lays out a case
against Paul. In the opening of his argument he points out all the
good that Felix has done. In your experience has anyone ever tried
to point out all of your good points to obtain your favor (kids,
spouse, employer, friend, etc.)? How did it work out? How might the enemy use this same strategy in our lives to tempt us or lead us away from the Lord?

4. What’s the difference between being “well acquainted with the
Way” (v. 22) and being a true believer? How long were you “well
acquainted” before you became a believer?

5. Have you ever felt there was a period in your life in which nothing happened or no clear direction was given as seen in Acts 24:27? Why do you think God allows such times in our lives?

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