“Table Talk” Discussion Questions (Acts 25-26)

1. What do you fear most about public speaking? When have you been called on to speak to a group? How did it go?
2. Paul has come a long way since the events of 9:1-2. What irony do you see in that? How could 9:1-2 also account in part for their animosity?
3. King Agrippa was the son of the Herod in Acts 12:1-23, why would he be especially interesting in hearing from Paul?
4. Paul continues to emphasize the resurrection of Christ as the key issue in his defense. The Pharisees believe in a general resurrection; however, they resist believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Why are the Pharisees opposed to the preaching and teaching of the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
5. What experience with God has had the most influence on your life? How has that experience affected your life? How would your life be different if you had not had that experience?

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