“Table Talk” Discussion Questions (Acts 27)

1. If you could take a cruise anywhere, where would you go? Why? Have you ever been in a life-threatening situation? If so, how did you react to it?

2. How does Acts 27 remind you that God keeps His Word? How does this narrative display both the

sovereign providence of God and the responsibility of humans?
3. Explain how Paul gave an appropriate and clear witness on this trip. How might you apply some of these methods in your own interactions?

4. In your life, do you feel like you have just entered a storm, currently in the middle of a storm, or just come out of a storm? How does Paul continue to focus on the Lord in the storm, instead of focusing on the storm? Where is your hope anchored?

5. At the end of the narrative, Paul thanked God. Think about some of the ways God has provided for you in recent months and give him thanks. Take a few moments to pray for God to grant you – and others – peace in the midst of great trials

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