Fixed - Watch Your Home

1. What and who did God use to lead you to Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? (What: program, method, song, VBS, Sunday school, etc.; Who: SS teacher, friend, family member, pastor, etc.). Share your personal testimony with someone close to you.

2. Identify and describe positive attributes and qualities each of the following age groups bring to a church's worship gathering: Ages 0-5; 6-10; 11- 18; 19-29; 30-45; 46-60; 61-75; 76 and up. How does a multi-generational church witness to the unity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? What can we do as a church to build inter-generational relationships?

3. What obstacles to worship existed in the Old Testament/Covenant? How did the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ eliminate obstacles so that all people in all nations could come together and worship? What obstacles do you often feel need to be overcome in your worship and fellowship of Jesus?

4. What is the danger if the church pursues converts to Christianity but not discipleship? How are the terms Christian and Disciple synonymous in the New Testament?

5. Read Colossians 3:16-17. How can this passage preserve unity in a church in the time of transition?

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