“Table Talk” Discussion Questions (Ephesians 1:3-14)
1. Describe a time when you were selected to a team, a performance, a class, or a specific task. (Alternative: Describe a time when some part of your life/career/education went exactly how you planned it. Describe a time when it went completely different than how you had it planned.)
2. How would you explain to a non-Christian what Christ did to accom-plish your redemption?
3. Explain the importance of “when you believed” in verse 13 in light of the context of verses 3-14.
4. Using concepts from this text, explain who the Holy Spirit is and sum-marize His role in Salvation. From this passage, what are the spiritual blessings in Christ? Which of these blessings is most meaningful to you?
5. Sometimes words from the Biblical text like “chosen,” “predestined,” “adopted,” can divide Christians in their theological standing. How are these words positive and unifying for believers (v. 10)? Why do you think Paul warns Timothy about “quarrelling about words” in 2 Timothy 2:14-16?
6. What does this passage say about worship? How does it move you to praise God?

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