“Table Talk” Discussion Questions (Ephesians 2:6-10)

1. What is the relationship between salvation by grace and being cre-ated for good works?

2. What does this passage teach about our union with Christ?

3. What is the believer’s future? How should knowing this truth impact our daily lives?

4. Which part of the gospel do you most often ponder: the past work of Christ (creation, incarnation, obedience, death and resurrection), the present work of Christ (His intercession on our behalf, the Head of the Church, awaiting the end time instructions from the Father, His holding all things together as in Col. 1), or the future work of Christ (His return, His triumph in battle and final victory, our eternal dwell-ing with Him)? Which do you need to ponder more often?

5. In view of verse 2:10, how do you see God’s handiwork in your life? What spiritual gift(s) has He equipped you with? How are you using those gifts for His glory?

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