“Table Talk” Discussion Questions—Ephesians 3:1-13

1. Paul writes that he was a prisoner of Christ Jesus for the Gentiles and that his tribulations were their glory. What sacrifices have you made to take the gospel to those who are different than you culturally? How does Paul’s testimony being a Jewish man loving and serving the Gentiles point to the gospel of Jesus Christ?

2. How might someone be selfish in times of prosperity? How might someone be selfish in times of adversity? How does the gospel trans-form us in times of prosperity and times of adversity?

3. Describe a time when you lost heart in your devotion to Christ. Describe what specific factors led to that season. How did the Lord work in your life during that time as He moved you to a season of refreshment? If you are still in that season, what has the Lord been teaching you about Himself? About you?

4. Reminisce about a person that leveraged their suffering to point people to Jesus. Share about their strength, legacy, and testimony. If you can, share about a time of suffering in your personal life that God used to impact others for Christ. Read Philippians 4 and describe how this relates.

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