Table Talk Ephesians 6: 10-15

1. How many pair of shoes do you own? Describe the best shoes you have ever owned (i.e. brand, color, comfort level, etc.). Describe the purposes of the shoes currently in your closet (i.e. running, fashion, work, etc.).

2. We naturally talk about people/objects we love; share about some-one/something that you love. How does love for Christ lead us natu-rally to speak of Christ?

3. What type of shoe comes to your mind when you read the phrase, “fitted with readiness”? Is there evidence in your life that you are constantly “ready” to share the gospel?

4. What scares/intimidates/stops you from sharing the gospel to others outside of this church? How does the gospel conquer these fears/hesitations?

5. Ephesians 6 uses the phrase “gospel of peace”. Read Romans 8 and explain how the gospel has provided peace for you in your past? How has the gospel provided peace for you in your current situations/trials? How has the gospel provided peace for you in your future?

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