Table Talk Ephesians 6: 10-16

1. What is one item that you commonly misplace, lose, or have to replace over and over again? What strategies have you tried to develop to avoid losing the item?

2. What is the significance of Paul’s word to actively “take up” the shield of faith? How does continually taking up faith lead to moving forward in obedience (James 2:14ff)?

3. In Roman times shields could be linked together as a wall and also as a covering with other soldiers. How does the faith of others lead to protection, confidence, and unity? How has the Woodmont family helped you in your faith?

4. Satan is targeting followers of Jesus with flaming arrows. Share about a time the shield of faith protected you from one of his attacks. Share about a time when an arrow of attack struck you — what was the strategy? What were the implications?

5. Read Hebrews 11. Allow the faith of the faithful to encourage your faith. Of those listed, which person’s account encourages you the most?

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