"Table Talk" Discussion Questions (Hebrews 10:19ff)

1. How would you differentiate between confidence and arrogance? In what items or people have you
placed confidence which have turned out to be a let down or broken?

2. If you can, describe the significance of the "curtain" in the Old Testament Temple. Explain the
symbolism of Christ's flesh being the New Testament curtain.

3. In your spiritual walk with Christ, which of these truths do you find most shocking, full of grace, and

  • a. The gospel gives us a true heart in Christ
    b. The gospel gives us full assurance of faith in Christ
    c. The gospel gives us a clean heart in Christ
    d. The gospel, in Christ, has removed a guilty/evil conscience
    e. The gospel washes us clean in the blood of Christ

4. Explain the significance and hope in this statement: 'For He who promised is faithful'

5. Are you "stirring" up love and good works among God's people? How committed are you to gathering
with believers in worship? How are you encouraging one another?

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