Table Talk Discussion Questions (Joshua 7)

1. When you played hide-and-seek as a child (or adult), describe your favorite hiding place.

2. What was the sin Achan committed against the Lord? Was there more than one specific sin? At times, our behavior seems small or sin seems insignificant; how does this account of Achan display the seri-ous impact of sin in our lives?

3. Describe a time when you felt the Lord “discipline” you as His child (Hebrews 12). What did it take for you to recommit your life to the Lord? How is this a show of His grace and favor?

4. Do you think it was “fair” for God to punish all Israel because just one person sinned? If you had been in Achan’s family, how would you have felt?

5. From a New Testament perspective, what hope do we have after studying Joshua 7? If you can, confess a specific sin that is currently hidden in your life that is planting seeds of destruction. Ask others to pray for you, keep you accountable, and to help you.

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