Table Talk Questions

1. Do you make resolutions for the New Year? If so, what are your resolutions for 2020? How did you grow spiritually in 2019?

2. How does Eli’s judgement of Hannah as she was praying remind us to know someone’s circumstance before judging their character? Have you ever been like Eli in this situation? Have you ever felt like Hannah in this situation?

3. How does the Lord use tests to build our testimony? Describe a person from the Bible (other than Hannah) whom God allowed a test to become a testimony of His power and grace. In your life, who is someone that has modeled a similar testimony?

4. What personal season or circumstance was most difficult to worship and pray consistently through? How did worship and prayer make a difference in that season?

5. How can your worship and prayer life become more consistent and deeper by meditating on the character of God?

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