“Table Talk” Discussion Questions (Luke 15)

1. Reflect on and discuss a time you have lost something significant to you, but found it at a latter time (an heirloom, a check, a child, a prized pos-session). Describe the feelings when you found it again. Have you ever lost something that you have still not found?
2. In Luke 15, describe the significance of the order of these parables. How are the parables an answer to the grumblings mentioned in Luke 15:2? Which parable can you most relate to? In the parable of the lost son(s), which son do you most relate to in your spiritual walk?
3. Have you ever extended grace when someone expected/deserved judg-ment or anger? What was the person's response? Were you misunder-stood by others that were close to the situation?
4. In connection to the gospel and mission of Christ, what does your legacy currently look like? What do you wish your legacy to be? What steps can you take to get closer to the legacy you want to leave behind as a spiri-tual inheritance?
5. Who's your "one" for 2019?

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