TABLE TALK Luke 8: 26-29

1. What does it mean to you that Jesus crossed an entire lake to reach one person? How should this fuel our missions at Woodmont and personally both locally and around the world?

2. Why do you think there is such fear when discussing the spiritual realm of demons and demonic influence/possessions? In your own words, why do you think there is more communication about demonic influence in industries (movies, social-media, churches or culturally) but not communication about demonic influence personally (friends, family members, others)?

3. Luke says that the people were afraid and asked Jesus to leave.
What/who do you think they were afraid of? Do you think that you have ever asked the Lord Jesus to leave you alone?

4. Do you think that the church culture of the Bible-belt can be unwell coming to Jesus and His work? How can religion be the opposite of following Christ?

5. Has Jesus asked you to serve and share in a difficult context? How can what Christ has done for you conquer your fear of serving and sharing about Him?

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