1. Explain Joseph’s initial response to Mary’s pregnancy. How does Joseph’s initial response to the news of Mary’s pregnancy compared to his response after his dream reveal the trustworthiness of the Bible and the authenticity of the virgin birth account?

2. In considering Joseph’s initial response, has there ever been a time when you made early judgments on/towards others without knowing or understanding all the details? How did your response change when all the information was available to you?

3. Jesus means “Yahweh is Salvation” and Emmanuel means “God with us” – in your own words how is the gospel revealed in the names Jesus carried? How do these names provide peace and joy in your everyday situations?

4. After encountering the Lord’s messenger, Joseph’s direction in life changed and he became obedient to the Lord. Describe how your life has been transformed because of the Word of God. List those that God has used as messengers of truth to challenge you, rebuke you, or encourage you along the way.

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