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Fix Your Eyes
Aug 05, 2020
I have always enjoyed running. The Lord has given me the natural gift of energy and endurance. It came in handy in middle and high school as I ran on the cross country team and still is useful today as I chase 2 toddlers around! If you’ve never run long distances you may think it is simple and there isn’t much skill involved. The truth is, when you are running for distance that every move is calculated to conserve energy and keep your focus on crossing the finish line.
There are certain skills runners develop that enable them to efficiently use every ounce of energy. Pump your arms, but not across your body; close your hands, but not too tight; shorten your stride up the hill; lengthen your stride down the hill; the list goes on. . .For me, the best lesson I ever learned during my years as a cross country runner was about the eyes.
Keep your head up and your eyes straight forward. You can breathe so much more easily, such coveted oxygen for your heart. This simple change, from looking down to looking straight ahead, has exponential implications regarding your overall efficiency. It made me a better runner who could run farther, faster.
And it has made me a better Christ follower. I’m reminded of several passages of scripture (Hebrews 10:23, Psalm 23:4, Psalm 119:105), but one in particular echoes the critical lesson – keep your eyes ahead.
Proverbs 4:25 – 27
Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.
What a timely word for today. I must give careful thought to every stroke of the keyboard while online, I must keep my gaze directly before me when trying to catch up on the news, I must not turn when I am following Jesus. Oh, I pray that you would be encouraged today to look straight ahead with your gaze directly before you. And go check out all of Proverbs 4!
Hope Murphy

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Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
Jul 29, 2020
Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
Should Christians consume alcohol or should they abstain from it? This is a question that is often asked in evangelical circles. One view is that drinking alcohol is ok because the Bible speaks about drunkenness being wrong, but not having a drink. The other view is drinking alcohol at any time is sinful. Believers with this view say the Bible speaks against more than drunkenness, and that believers should abstain from alcohol. Christian liberty is often cited as the reason some Christians feel it is ok to drink alcohol on occasion. Christian liberty can mean that Christians are free to do things that are not expressly forbidden in the Bible. Most of the debates of Christian liberty revolve around social “dos” and “don’ts” like social drinking, getting tattoos, smoking, etc. Wayne Grudem says “The Bible clearly forbids drunkenness and contains frequent warnings against the dangers of alcohol, but other passages view the moderate use of alcohol more positively.” So which view is correct?
Recently in in an article I read, Brett McCracken said, “Christians have had a decidedly love/hate relationship with alcohol. The infamous “drink” has been regarded by Christians at various times with awe, horror, religious devotion, fear, obsession, prohibition, addiction, and temperance. It has been one of the most divisive issues within modern American evangelicalism, creating rifts within churches, within families, within Christian institutions. Mark Noll has noted,
Some evangelicals have made opinions on liquor more important for fellowship and cooperation than attitudes toward the person of Christ or the nature of salvation. This is particularly unfortunate since the Bible speaks clearly about Christ and salvation, but not about the question of total abstinence”
The secular world views drinking as a fun time to socialize with friends, to take the edge off, and to just “let your hair down”. Alcohol is advertised to people regularly and the people drinking it in commercials, movies, or other forms of advertisement always seem to be having a great time. Only the positive is ever shown when it comes to alcohol. What a person will not see are the dangers associated with alcohol. But because it is “legal”, nobody thinks there is anything wrong with it.
The world believes that as long as you are not getting extremely drunk, then it is ok to drink alcohol. The only problem is, what does the world actually view as being “drunk”? I recently asked students what they thought of when they heard the word drunk. The answers I received were: “passed out on a sidewalk”, ‘throwing up”, “falling down”, and “beating spouse or being violent”. So, in short, the world’s view of drunkenness is really when you just get out of control. But, according to the law, being drunk is considered a .08 blood alcohol level. That amounts to a few drinks. A person will likely not feel out of control and will not exhibit some of the behavior the students describe as “drunk”. You may be thinking this is just a small sample size of students but I hear the same thing from people of different walks of life and different ages. As broken human beings, we tend to think everything is ok in moderation. As with most other things, the world’s view is as long as a person does not go to the extreme, most things are ok.
In America, there was once an extreme divide in the way the world viewed alcohol versus how the church viewed it. That no longer seems to be the case. Lisa Anderson, from focus on the family says, “Lately, I’ve seen a lot of Christians get super pumped about alcohol. I’m hearing more people talk about it, and I’m seeing more people drink it more often and in greater amounts. It’s not that alcohol is in their lives, it’s that it’s become more central to their lives; it’s a focus of many of the things they do.” Lisa cited as examples, Christian moms getting together to have wine while the kids play, church events advertising pub crawls, beer and wine tastings, and Bible studies with brew, and a much greater presence and focus on alcohol at Christian gatherings.
Regardless of what the world thinks about drinking, as Christians, we are to go to the Bible for our instruction on how to live our lives. The Bible has everything we need to know to live this life on earth. In the area of drinking, it may not be as direct as we would like, but the Bible still has quite a bit to say about it. Some people may be surprised to find that the Bible does not forbid drinking. But it also does not give detailed instructions about drinking. So, what we are left with is a gray area on the matter.
Scripture may not condemn drinking but there is no debate about drunkenness. The Bible forbids drunkenness. Most Christians clearly understand that it is wrong to be drunk. So, then the question becomes, how much can a person drink without crossing the line of drunkenness. Well, that is where the danger comes in. The Bible has some pretty strong things to say about the dangers of drinking:
Proverbs 20:1, (29-33):
“Wine is a mocker, string drink is a brawler, and whoever is lead astray by it is not wise.
  •  Strong drink disrupts to brain and all those around whoever drinks it. V. 29-33: Sorrow is brought along from strong drinks and wine deceives.
  •  “By not using alcoholic beverages, my wife and I have not been tempted to get drunk; we’ve also been examples to believers who might stumble if we did drink. These two blessings are worth more to us than whatever pleasure there may be in drinking alcoholic beverages.” (Warren Wiersbe)
Ephesians 5:18:
“And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit.”
  • This section of the letter to the Church in Ephesus is discussing “Walking in Love.”
  •  All forms of intoxication are seen as prohibited throughout the Scriptures.
1 Peter 1:13-14:
“So, think clearly and exercise self-control. Look forward to the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the World. So, you must live as God’s obedient children. Do not slip back into your old ways of living to satisfy your own desires. You did not know any better then.”
Romans 14:21
“It is good not to… drink wine or anything that causes your brother to stumble.”
These are just a few passages on the dangers of alcohol. But the one that really answers the question of should a Christian consume alcohol or not, is 1 Corinthians 10:23-33. Paul starts out in verse 23 saying, “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible, but not everything builds up.” He is telling these believers at the church of Corinth that just because the Bible does not forbid something does not necessarily mean that it is good for them to do. There are certain dangers that come along with alcohol. Alcohol is addictive and it is a mind-altering drug that causes people to lose control and make poor decision. Those are only two of the top dangers, there are many more.
People often do not like to acknowledge these dangers because they simply think they have control of things or it will not happen to them. But the scary fact is, it can easily happen to anyone. When I took a drink around the age of 15 I knew then, that I loved it. I went on to struggle with alcohol abuse for close to 15 years of my life before the Lord saved me. I would have never imagined, that what I thought was just a fun night, would turn into 15 years wasted, and almost destroy my life. The dangers are very real and it can take control of even the strongest person.
Then Paul moves on to verse 24 and says, “No one is to seek his own good, but the good of the other person.” He gives a simple rule of thumb to help in making decisions—we should be sensitive and gracious to others. While some things may not be wrong, they may not be in the best interest of others. We should not exercise our right to do something if it will potentially cause a brother or sister in Christ to stumble.
The chapter closes with verses 31-33, “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God. Give no offense to Jew or Gentiles or the church of God, just as I also try to please everyone in everything, not seeking my own benefit, but the benefit of many, so that they may be saved.” As Christians, our motives must be centered on God’s love. And that love will drive us to do everything for His glory, not our own pleasure, but His glory. We must ask ourselves in every action, “Is this glorifying God” or “How can I honor God through this action.” Paul was concerned with bringing glory to God and doing what was best for those around him. All Christians should have that same mindset.
Ephesians 5:17 says "Do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” John Piper says “The mature believer does not ask: How many enjoyable things can I do and still not transgress God's will? But rather: Is there anything at all that I can do or stop doing which will refine my ability to recognize and do the will of God. In general, drinking alcoholic beverages does not increase one's sensitivity to the will of God.” These are wise words for all Christians to ponder.
We know from everything that is going on in our world that Covid-19 is dangerous. If I ask you would you invite someone in your house that knowingly had Covid-19 and had symptoms, what would your answer be? Would you put your family at risk? Your answer would likely be No! I have seen the way people have reacted to this dangerous virus. You most certainly would not put your family in danger. It is serious, and you wouldn’t want to take the risk knowing what Covid-19 has caused. So, my question is, why would you put your life, your family, and those you influence at risk by consuming alcohol. The Bible speaks of the dangers of alcohol, what it can do to families, the addictive nature of, and still some are willing to risk it all in the name of Christian liberty. Let me remind you while the Bible most certainly does not say that you cannot have a drink, it definitely reminds us over and over that it is dangerous and not wise. If we are willing to pay attention to so called “health experts” when it comes to this virus, why do we have such a hard time listening to God’s inspired Word when it comes to alcohol?
We each battle pride and selfishness daily. Those are two things that will rear their ugly heads as long as we live on this earth. We love to think that we know best. If we want something we think it is our God given right to enjoy it as long as God’s Word does not forbid it. Galatians 5:13 say, “For you brethren, have been called to liberty; but do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another”. In everything we do we are to bring glory to God. Consider what Christ would have you do, put others before yourself, and do everything out of love.

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Have you ever waded through a river in the jungle?
Jul 22, 2020

Sometimes, I think I can manage things on my own ….looks like I would have learned by now that relying on Him always, and in all things, is the best policy. Philippians 4:13 is a verse that I claim a lot just because I know that my strength definitely comes from Him. It is interesting how we can find ourselves in situations where we need to remember that in a big way. Recently, I found myself really needing to rely on the Lord’s help…. physically.

Have you ever waded through a river in the jungle? Well technically, neither have I….. but it felt like I did just that last week. I accompanied my granddaughter to the Family Day Camp at Earl Trent Assembly. We arrived a little late and our group had already left for the first destination……The Waterfall. My granddaughter assured me that she knew right where to find it. So, here we go. We parked, got out of the car and went straight into the creek….. never mind that when I asked about the bridge we were supposed to cross over to get there, I was assured that this was the way to go. Thankfully, I had my water shoes on and had worn shorts.

It has been a while since I waded down a creek ….I was lots younger and definitely before I had a broken ankle. So I am very careful about walking on uneven ground much less over a creek bottom full of big and little rocks. As we walked further and further, the water got fairly deep in some areas. There were lots of brush, trees and slippery moss on each side, so I couldn’t really climb back onto dry land. I was sure I was going to see a snake and since I was moving extremely slow, I don’t know what I would have done.
As I commented at the beginning, I felt like I was in a movie I had seen where people were wading through water in the jungle. I’m sure it was a sight. We finally arrived at our destination and found our group. I was pretty proud and relieved that I had made it, even though I did need help getting up and across the slippery area around the waterfall….that alone was a miracle.

Sometimes, we have no idea what we will encounter on a daily basis, but we can be assured that the Lord knows. It is comforting to think that when we walk through deep waters or when life seems out of control, we can trust that He is in control.


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A Bird, a Horse and Psalm 23
Jul 07, 2020
A Bird, a Horse and Psalm 23
For several weeks this spring, a beautiful little red bird pecked on one of our windows every morning. This lasted several hours each day. Sometimes he flew into the window trying to get inside. I do not know if he saw his reflection and thought it was another beautiful bird or what his reasoning was since I am certainly not a “bird-ologist”. However, he was very persistent about trying to get inside the house. I was amazed at how he had everything he needed outside – beautiful trees, sunshine, fresh air, bugs and worms, even a bird bath and bird feeder with seeds, and other birds of various species. But every morning there he was – peck, peck, pecking away – intent on getting inside where none of those things were available. On the opposite end, but similar in many ways, I have a horse which was seriously injured several weeks ago when she got her hoof caught in a hay bin and cut a large hole in her leg to the bone. We have treated and treated it and finally there is just a small area of healing needed. She has been in a small pen so she could get the treatment she needed and hopefully not reinjure her leg. She is now ready to go back to the pasture full of luscious green grass and a few other gentle horses. When I tried to catch her to move her, she refused to be caught. She ran through mud holes and would not allow me to put a halter on her.
Both of these situations spoke to me about how we as Christians, or certainly I am so like the bird and the horse. Either I think that what I want or where I want to be in life is so much better than what God has already provided. Or like the horse, I choose to stay in the mud, refusing God’s “halter” because I think He is trying to limit my freedoms, when what He actually wants to do is gently lead me to green pastures, beside still waters, and restore my soul. Like the bird, I may see what I think is best for me, although it is only a reflection of myself, my selfish desires, my insecurities, and my lack of faith. God has me where He knows is His best place for me. It may be a place of service, forgiveness, surrender or simply trusting Him.  And although there are dangers, disappointments, enemies, and perils in that place, just as the outside has dangers for the bird, He goes with me through those dark valleys, He comforts me, He prepares a table before me and welcomes me as His guest, and my blessings overflow. So, no matter if we are already where God wants us or if He is attempting to lead us to a better place in life that we cannot see, His good and faithful love will pursue us every day of our life on earth and in heaven throughout eternity. Perhaps this is what Job had in mind when He said “But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the sky, and they will tell you;” Job 12:7.
Becky Daugherty

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Our Help 
Jul 01, 2020

Our Help 

In January of 2010 Kelly and I welcomed our second son Harrison into the world. We had been told halfway through the pregnancy that Harrison was not growing as he should, but no one seemed overly concerned. On January 8, 2010 we arrived at the hospital for a scheduled C-Section, excited to meet our son, but we were not prepared for the events that occurred in the operating room and in the days and months that followed. I’m not sure I have ever felt so helpless. I was prepared for an exciting birth like I experienced with William, our oldest son, but this was nothing like that experience.

I’m sure that you have experienced something in life that made you feel helpless. What did you do? We did the only thing we knew to do, we looked to God for help. During those early days after Harrison was born more than one person reminded us of Psalm 121.

“I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; from whence shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

These words brought us much comfort during a time of great difficulty. Knowing and resting in the truth that the maker of heaven and earth was taking care of us gave us peace to face those uncertain days.

Take comfort today in the uncertain times of 2020 that the maker of heaven and earth is your help.

Meditate on these other scriptures about God as our help.

Psalm 33:20

            Our soul waits for the LORD; he is our help and our shield.

1 Samuel 7:12

The Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen and called it name Ebenezer, for he said, “Till now the Lord has helped us.”

Deuteronomy 33:26-27

“There is none like God, O Jeshurun, who rides through the heavens to your help, through the skies in his majesty.

2 Chronicles 14:11

And Asa cried to the Lord his God, “O LORD, there is none like you to help, between the mighty and the weak. Help us, O LORD our God, for we rely on you, and in your name we have come against this multitude. O LORD, you are our God; let not man prevail against you.”

Psalm 27:9

Hide not your face from me. Turn not your servant away in anger, O you who have been my help.

Psalm 28:7

The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped;

Psalm 30:2, 10

O LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me.

Hear, O LORD, and be merciful to me! O LORD be my helper!

Psalm 37:40

 The LORD helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in him.

Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 54:4

            Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life.

Psalm 63:7

For you have been my help, and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy.

Psalm 94:17

If the LORD had not been my help, my soul would soon have lived in the land of silence.

Matthew 15:25 (Canaanite Women)

            But she came and knelt before him, saying, “Lord, help me.”

Romans 8:26

            Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness.

Hebrews 4:16

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Know where your help is from.


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